From : Mr I*, who ordered a Customised Roll On Remedy 10ml to help provide tranquillity and address sleep issues for his brother.

From : Miss Akilut, whose mum had an Aromatherapy Massage and an Organic Facial during her visit to Singapore in early 2014

From : Miss N*, who had ordered a Customised Face Elixir 15ml for her skin’s woes

From : Miss Khadijah Rahman who was recovering from a major operation and a strong-minded lady with a belief in natural and holistic approach to healing

From Mari Fujita-

A colleague highly recommended Wati to me, and the first time I met her I felt immediately comfortable and I knew I could trust her.
She takes ample time to get to you know, what therapy would suit you most, and just having a conversation with her, listening to her calm and soft tone, the first part of healing begins.
Her touch is sincere, warm and gentle, yet professional and she knows exactly which area needs to be concentrated on, and I am not exaggerating she is one of the best masseuses I have met, and 
believe me, I have been to many spas in luxurious hotels in the world. The messages she bring you through touch are comforting and you leave her place feeling relaxed from the massage and lighter in spirit as she uses her energy to heal you where you need it most, be it a certain part on your body or your soul. If you are stressed, down, and you feel like you need to still your mind with a good massage, call up Wati for an appointment. Her massage is wonderful and the messages she will bring, a big bonus 🙂  

From Yoshiko Shimazu– I spent four years in Singapore and now back to Japan. One of the regrets I have now is that I can hardly see Wati. Wati is the real professional ‘therapist’ that I’ve met for the very first time. There’s a great number of people who gives massage these days. However, it’s quite doubtful
how many of them can be called ‘therapist’? Therapist provides client not only massage but what client requires even if she herself hasn’t realized them yet.
When I went to see Wati, she always welcomed me as a friend and cheered me up before and after the massage.
When I left her after massage, I felt much lighter than before physically and mentally. It was a kind of strange feeling for me, and it’s difficult to explain by words how wonderful
her therapy was.One more thing that is hard to explain is her massage itself. Once Wati touches client’s body, she can feel which part of the body needs her massage and even feels client’s worries through her hands. It might be difficult to believe, but I experienced it quite some times where she pointed out what I was concerned about. Also, she did massage me exactly the parts I felt exhausted, even though I hadn’t told her.I’d like more people to know what is the differences between just massage and real therapy. If you’re interested in, I highly recommend you to see Wati anyway. I’m sure that you will be a regular client of Wati, like I used to be.


From Shinobu Furutani-
I would like to share with you my experiences with Wati-san’s massage therapy and how great and special it is. I am a Japanese working in Singapore since 2002.  Part of my interests are in health and holistic therapy area, and I have studied several bodyworks-Aromatherapy massage, Holistic massage and Lymphatic drainage massage. Even though I know the benefits and effects of massages and techniques, it was not that easy to meet a very good therapist for myself to receive massages. Because even for the many therapist in the SPA, it is not their concern to give clients holistic health by not only giving comfort but total therapy for health of body, mind and soul. 
Introduced by a friend who told me that “there is a real therapist in Singapore”, I met Wati-san in early 2009. For my 1st session, Wati-san took a longer time for consultation to understand my health condition, lifestyle and status of mind. And choose the most suitable essential oils and massage techniques for my needs on that day. Of course, the massage was heavenly. Her hands know where are the areas that needs healing and she cares for the area. So, every time I receive massage from Wati-san, it is never the same. It is fully customized and original therapy every time.

I can’t describe how good Wati-san’s massage is here in words. You will know when you talk to her and when her hands touches you.

She is my therapist & healer. Thank you Wati-san!..

From Linda Mohd-
The fundamental thing for anyone to enjoy their massage is to be able to connect with their therapist. Wati, at a glance, projects a positive energy thus putting anyone at ease and calm. Just imagine when she hands on! Besides massages, have had a couple of facials and ear candlings which leaves my skin instantaneously bright and lively. I personally look up to Wati’s competency and passion in holistic massage. Highly recommended for those who are seeking for relaxation, inner peace and healing..

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