End of a beginning!


Hello all!

Yes, it’s been too long indeed. Our last post was in May 2014. Will you forgive us, please? A life is for living and that whole lotta living, loving, giving and receiving was truly done out for the last half of 2014!

Today seems an auspicious day to write. The last day of the 1st month of the new year. Holistic Isranfi wishes you a bountiful and prosperous year ahead filled with great health and excellent wealth! Amiin. We truly deserve it.

What are your goals, dreams and aspirations for this year? If it is mindfulness, better health, goodness living and loving; then WE ARE ON THE SAME PAGE. Let’s make the pages meaningful and and beautiful.

(Just like Passion Planner! We have mad love for it. Heee.)

Reiki.. Very very efficient indeed.

Hmmm.. Ok. Another anecdote to add to the so many testimonials on Reiki.

It has its own wisdom and brilliance and knows where its going n where it’s needed. Reiki IS the healer, not me or anyone else who’s a practitioner. We are mere vessels for it.

So, now. Ate a ‘wadeh’ (a deep-fried Indian savoury flour ball with a prawn on top) couple hours ago. I know NOW it was a bad one. Why? With Reiki, healing speeds up.. Thus, I’m at the toilet now at 4.17am with a very noisy tummy, trying to exhume all the bad contents! Urrgh. Not fun. Reiki just do things right. And being a Reiki Master, the healing process is even faster & stronger..

A sleepless night for me. Or at best, a very late wake up to day time awaits me. Thank you Reiki.. Again. 