Say goodbye, not knowing when..

Dear all,

Its been awhile. Recent times have seen me in a couple of surprises related to work.

We were told that a big spa operator is taking over our spa and the club is releasing us to them. This was of course a big shock to my poor colleagues. Anxiety and doubts arise immediately, and impending gloom surrounds their countenances.

I have gone through a transfer like this, but only the other way round as my ex spa were the tenants of the club. I joked that this felt like ‘our parents are disowning us’.. Not funny of course in any sense, but I have been known to laugh at the most darkest of events. Perhaps that’s a trait that all of us could do with in life.

Next was our op manager (our Boss) is leaving to greener pastures. This sure is happy news of course, I was happy for him but when this was told after the initial transfer shock, of course it didnt come easy.

Anyway, it didnt take me long to realize that THIS transfer is for the best. If you can’t do what you oughta do, better to pass it along to the ‘experts’.. And in another bittersweet realization, I have come to embrace the lesson that if/when you do not know how/when to say goodbye, letting go and letting God lead you is best.

 I shall follow.