34 weeks and lovin’ it!


Today marks my 34wks into the pregnancy.. According to my 3 iPhone pregnancy applications (yeah, I need 3) Superboy is about the size of a pineapple.. Only this fruit in me has the sharpest jabs, hooks and kicks that can render me almost breathless n make me stop midway whatever I’m doing due to the might he has! Wah lau, chill boy! 🙂 And they say as the later weeks comes on, baby will hv lesser movements.. Yeah right. Tell that to him, he can hear you fully well now; with his hearing functions fully developed. But dont think he’ll listen to you though! Haha..

Anyway, I hv not been doing much really. Like, really really. Being nimble, agile and mobile is not how I’d describe me- no siree! Been resting more, taking breaths are quite a luxury too.. When I read for my lazy hubby; it feels like I’ve done an hour of yoga, ate 2 donuts and walked 1km.. Yeowza!

Haha. I think I need yet another massage, the last one being only 9 days ago in my own treatment room by Ibu Siti, a very good recommendation by Zee.. Sigh. My lower back is undeniably strong, but the ache has been adding on more than a bit. Both me hands are positively quite swollen too; left wrist has been addled by CTS- carpal tunnel syndrome. Paining wor!! Worst in the morning.. Reiki-ed it, got better, and then it will come again.. Guess I hv to just sit this one out till after birth; since it’s quite a common preg syndrome.. Hmmm.

What I’ve been doing alot is reading as many articles on labour, birth and all the undesirable situations that may/may not happen; and watching loads of childbirth videos.. You name it-natural, homebirth, waterbirth, C-section, hospital, squatting, drugless, drugged, unassisted, “en caul”- bet you didn’t know that last one eh! It’s when the mother delivers the baby with the amniotic sac still on! Truly miraculous!
Check it out here:

I found this evidence-based website very helpful and very generous with things we oughta know and compare.. Like,”cephalopelvic disproportion” (CPD – a baby too big to fit vaginally). I remembered long ago, from reading Vimala McClure’s Infant Massage book about women having told ‘the baby is too big for the pelvis to be delivered naturally’.. A very very common myth that has garnered much fame.

A lot of what we know that goes on in the hospitals today are for the convenience of staffs and nurses; not for us the mothers and babies who are supposed to be the ‘main stars’ here.. It’s very unsettling really. There was a time when giving birth is a very natural, home bound event that’s truly medical n drug free. I mean, the many many older people that we know today were born at home, not hospitals. Earlier during my pregnancy, I’ve discussed with hubby on having a home birth- but tru finding facts and figures out, I learnt that homebirths are not very much supported unless you have the bigger budget of having a doula (birth assistant), a private obstetrician and the necessary emergency precautions that can cost you more than you know. Gone were the days when midwives or ‘Mak Bidan’ are the only person you need to count on to help the baby’s journey out.. So much humdrum with modernity. Just bring this ol’ soul back to the good ol’ days! It’d be nice to hv a choice and to have it easier on you just cos you don’t wanna hv a hospital birth. In America there are birthing centres, where I think I’d most likely to go to if not giving birth at home. I guess I’m going to hv to write out that birthing plan and have my hubby read it out like The Ten Commandments at the labour ward when D-Day arrives.

FYI, we are not going to have a personal suite- we are “subsidised patients”, sounds like a dirty term I know. I, who have tens of thousands in my Medisave account cannot use it to fully finance at this time of need, to secure me the most comfy and private boudoir, thus denying my husband to be sleeping with me in the ward. Because according to the government’s means testing results, I can only use $2100 of my Medisave funds, the rest must be paid in cold hard cash. (about $2200-$3700) I can breathe out angry fire and smoke just thinking of the blatant injustice of it. Like as if that’s not a huge amount! But I have it n more in the Medisave account and its my very hard earned money you know? N yet i cannot use it to fully finance my 1st childbirthing experience. See, these are just some of the things that my late bro absolutely hated and fought silently against when he was still around… Bless him.

Anyway, the husband and I settled for having the non-private, non-aircon room which requires no hard cash deposit. I’m kinda antsy about the non aircon situation.. As it is, I’m sleeping with both AC n fan on at night.. AC is always put to timer though.. Gets too cold even for me, the walking incubator. My poor hubby who’s been covering and blanketing up right up to his nose, just to accommodate me! Haha.. 🙂

Today one of the preg app, Whattoexpect.com suggested doing something for my lil bub. Writing him his 1st love letter. From a woman who will fight tru oceans of Nereids, catch the Rainbow, and die for him. His 1st true love. Will do it tonight when this woman’s other love is playing his Texas Poker or whatever games that’s tickling his fancy.. Ought to be fun! 🙂 🙂




Good morning all.. Woke up at 5.40am.
Not so good thing about being pregnant is the baby conquers your tummy; and your bladder doesn’t hold much. Your sleep is interrupted. A lot.

Good thing is, I get to hear the Adzan Subuh (sunrise prayer calls) almost everyday. AND my flat, a special one, has a void deck which houses a little mosque or ‘surau’. I get to hear these calls ‘live’ 5 times everyday! And it’s simply beautiful to hear the soft & melodious Adzan in the sleepy dawn, when I’m awakened on my many toilet trips.. It sobers me, simply.

Although honestly it’s hard to resist going back to sleep, it’s sometimes harder still to ignore the conscience prick of doing my duties as a Muslim.. Hey, I failed at times but I try ok..

This baby is creating good habits for me. Subhanaallah. (Glory be to Allah)
Little miracle indeed. 🙂