Luqman’s Wisdom


I love reading about the wisdom of Luqman. Even have an application on my iPhone that stores majorly his sayings, advices and dialogues with his dearly loved son..

One is advised to read/listen to Surah Maryam, Surah Yusuf and Surah Luqman when pregnant. Although I feel anytime is good to read ANY of the Surahs in the good book. Now more so being pregnant, I feel closest to Luqman’s..

Here’s one for all. I’m sure all will agree with his wisdom.. And with this one here, it makes you realise who the biggest donkey is. Haha. 😉

Title: Luqman’s Wisdom

Wisdom 19


“My dear child, do things that are good for you and for your religion and your world, do all of those until all matters are completed. Do not mind what others are saying and ignore their scolding. There are no means for you to get their willingness, and there are no means for you to unite their hearts. My dear child, bring a donkey to me and listen to people’s comments, there will never be just one comment. The son then brought the donkey and Luqman rode on it. He told his son to pull the donkey pass a crowd of people, the people immediately said, “What a terrible and cruel person he is. He lets his child walk while he rides on the donkey.” Luqman said to his son, “Did you hear what those people said?” “Yes” said the boy. Luqman then climbed down and heaved the son to the donkey’s back. They walked pass another crowd of people that said, “Where are that boy’s manners, he sits up there while his father walks.” Luqman then asked his son, “Did you hear their comment?” “Yes” replied the boy. Afterwards, the both rode on the donkey’s back pass on a crowd of people that said, “You see how cruel they are, two of them riding on that poor little donkey.” Luqman then said to his son, “My son, did you hear the comments of those people?” “Yes” he replied. They both climbed down the donkey and walk and guide the donkey together passing a group of people that said, “Subhanallah, look at that healthy donkey walking lightly while the masters just walk.” Luqman asked his son, “Did you hear what these people just said?” “Yes” the boy replied. Then Luqman told his son, “My dear son, did I not tell you to do what is best for you and ignore what other people are saying, I truly wanted to teach you with the experience from this lesson.”

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