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Hi again everybody!
May you be blessed with good health and prosperous abundance as we go March-ing on.. 

We are happy to produce our newest kid on the block; an item which makes us go: 
“Why didn’t this come out sooner?”
Yup. Especially in Singapore’s unkind climate and warm temperatures. It brings out more than just the worse in us.

You name it: ants, flies, roaches and lizards.. We are familiar with these usual suspects aren’t we?

Well, BUZZ OFF. Tell ’em.
Introducing Holistic Isranfi’s rookie product : BUZZ OFF REMEDY 30ML, $8

A natural bug repellent to keep the creepy crawlies away! Eliminate odours, cleanse and purify your space with natural and organic essential oils and be rid off the unwanted chemicals that do you more harm than good.

Active ingredients: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Pine, Organic Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Organic Lemon, Organic Clove and MORE!

WHATSAPP : 97349901



Greetings good people!
We hope you had an amazing start to February. This is the month that most salaried employees feel a sense of labour justice because it’s THE SHORTEST MONTH!


What have you got in stored already? The weather is leaping into brazen heat and quite icky humidity. Being rain lovers, we do feel it like a huge energy unplug. A siesta fiesta seems like a good idea today and every day, ain’t it?


Do not fret, we have just the remedy for you to have a quick escape and keep cool!


LAVENDER & PEPPERMINT are a dynamic duo that helps:
• as an after-sun cooler for skin especially when you’re recently sunburnt
• soothing for skin rash or itches
• excellent in calming stomach discomfort
• efficient with tired muscles
• helpful for tired feet

• soothe skin from heat rash, pimples, insect bites and MORE!
• firms up the skin
• help skin stay supple and hydrated
• ancient healing ingredient

What are you waiting for?

Exciting Promo Price : $ 55
( usual price : $ 65 + $ 10 )

To reserve your appointment:
Whatsapp: 97349901
PM : Holistic Isranfi FB page
Email :

End of a beginning!


Hello all!

Yes, it’s been too long indeed. Our last post was in May 2014. Will you forgive us, please? A life is for living and that whole lotta living, loving, giving and receiving was truly done out for the last half of 2014!

Today seems an auspicious day to write. The last day of the 1st month of the new year. Holistic Isranfi wishes you a bountiful and prosperous year ahead filled with great health and excellent wealth! Amiin. We truly deserve it.

What are your goals, dreams and aspirations for this year? If it is mindfulness, better health, goodness living and loving; then WE ARE ON THE SAME PAGE. Let’s make the pages meaningful and and beautiful.

(Just like Passion Planner! We have mad love for it. Heee.)

Holistic Isranfi at Kranji Countryside’s 1st Farmers’ Market


Hello beautiful people!
Just to share some awesome news. I am happy that I could execute a lil Rumpelstiltskin’s jig.. :)

Holistic Isranfi will be at Kranji Countryside’s 1st Farmers’ Market on Saturday 28th June from 4pm-10pm! Featuring our natural & organic remedies in the island’s greener paradise tucked away! Check it out at

Mark your calendar and c’mon down and have a gorgeous kampung weekend!

One step at a time at our leisurely and nature-governed pace.. Insyaallah.

Holistic Isranfi at the Sunday Artists’ Market


Photo Credit: The Vault SG

I am all jazzed up about participating for the 1st time in The Vault‘s  Sunday Artists’ Market this Sunday 6th April!
I just discovered too, from the event’s creative manager that I will be the 1st holistic therapist featured in this bi-monthly affair that provides a necessary platform for handcrafted and artistic gems. Way cool! :)

From its Facebook events page:
6 APRIL 2014, 1PM – 6PM
“Artists Market #8
Behold the return of our beloved bi-monthly Sunday Artists Market this Sunday in the Circular Road neighbourhood we now call home, proudly featuring over 20 local artists whose craft you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Featuring original crafts, plants, skincare, jewelry, shoes, tote bags, notebooks and opportunities to get yourself groomed and hair styled by the local community of craftsmen and women based on our island.
Of course we wouldn’t be proper hosts without adding in ice-cold beers and live music, so come on by for a swingin’ Sunday.
Artists! If you are interested to participate, please email
Music by Ramesh, Raeburn & KidG.”

I will be introducing HI’s natural & organic skincare and remedies along with extending a 20% discount off HI’s massages & facials! For massages, click here. For facials, here.

*10% of the day’s sales will be donated for the vet bills of Creampuff the Cat, a community kitty suffering from nasal tumours. Doing my bit for the fighter kitty and imploring others to do so too. Hopefully it will be a smooth path! Insyaallah.


The toughie kitty!

HI Roll On Remedies

My 1st experience with an aromatherapy roll on was from Tisserand around 6 years ago. It was from the Rose range and I was instantly attracted by the ease of the roll on ball attached and how it is so fuss-free when applying something so precious and therapeutic. I then had a few actually: De-stress, Travel, Menthol Breathe, Energy and also Sweet Dreams. Yes, I am BIG fan of the brand and the man. That’s me alright, if I like something I’ll get various types of the same item. I am THE heaven-sent customer. ;)

The next brand I like that provides the aromatherapy roll on was Young Living. I am huge fan of the Breathe Again Roll On! It was helpful many times in nipping the buds of an incoming migraine. It was too pricey for me though, and when a bottle broke into pieces for no reason why one hot day, I really did feel the huge pinch of the price tag. And when I exhausted my last bottle I thought, “why not make my own”? Exactly.

I have been recycling my many essential oil bottles and whipping up my own remedies for my own family’s usage and also for my 2 best friends as part of their birthday gifts. The favorite seems to be the blend for sinuses, colds, headaches and migraines. So I made Breathe Remedy™. It is quite similar to the Breathe Synergy Blend™ that I made recently here. It is a concise blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus smithii, Rosemary Basil and Frankincense in a base of wholesome carrier oils. *Note: I had forgotten to include Frankincense in this bottle’s label. Booboo.*

Breathe Remedy 10ml $22

Breathe Remedy 10ml $24

My bestie’s niece, Aqilah, fell in love with her auntie’s roll on and requested for something to help her with focusing in school and to avoid falling asleep in class! So I made a customized one for her and named it what else, *surprise* Aqilah’s Study Remedy™. Hers is a complex bouquet of Rosemary, Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Petitgrain, Geranium, Lavender, Basil and Peppermint. Phewww! When I tried her blend on my wrist, I felt so alert and refreshed and actually felt quite peckish after 20minutes. How’s that for stimulation, huh? :)

Aqilah’s Study Remedy 10ml $28

Remedy Roll On

Remedy Roll On

I hope she will find good results with this natural remedy of a study aid. Gosh, I wish I had one of these back when I was in school! I will be making more roll on remedies soon, so please watch this space..



Interested in getting your own Holistic Isranfi Remedy Roll On? Or a customised one? Fill in your deets here and I’ll be a good witch for you!





Rose Rose I Love You! (And why not?..)

Rose Rose I Love You! (And why not?..)

I have been using only Rose Damask hydrosol as my facial toner for more than a decade! Long gone are the days of choosing the various toners for my skin, comparing brands and prices and finally, after many unused bottles … Continue reading

Holistic Isranfi Synergy Blends


I am quite psyched to receive yet another gravitational pull to do what I ought to do.
And thankfully, it was something right up my alley and I was only too happy to blend these orders according to the client’s needs again.

I love customized blends for whatever; elixirs, potions, lotions, masks, you name it!

Tranquility Synergy Blend™ is aimed to assist in relaxation, promoting ease of sleep, emotional uplifting and is also a very nourishing blend for the skin when mixed with a carrier oil. Essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, mandarin, ylang ylang, Roman chamomile, rose damask and more (!) are highly sought after to contribute peace for your holistic being.

The request for Breathe Synergy Blend™ couldn’t be any timelier. Hazy days are back again in Singapore and for the regular sinus sufferers, the dis-ease of the respiratory system is accelerated. Essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus smithii, lavender, tea tree and rosemary provides great relief to nasal congestion, headaches and flu. It is a powerful germicidal and anti-inflammatory blend.

Special ingredients: Reiki, lots of kind thoughts and ♥. But, of course. :) 

May this beautiful family enjoy their blends as much as I know my own family will. Blessings..

It was fun blending these babies!

Breathe Synergy Blend 10ml $24

All I need is the air that I.. Breathe Synergy Blend 10ml $24


The aromatherapy equivalent of taking a chill pill.. Tranquility Synergy Blend 10ml $28


You may have your own customized synergy blends too, just fill in this form and I will get right to you in 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail: