Reiki.. Very very efficient indeed.

Hmmm.. Ok. Another anecdote to add to the so many testimonials on Reiki.

It has its own wisdom and brilliance and knows where its going n where it’s needed. Reiki IS the healer, not me or anyone else who’s a practitioner. We are mere vessels for it.

So, now. Ate a ‘wadeh’ (a deep-fried Indian savoury flour ball with a prawn on top) couple hours ago. I know NOW it was a bad one. Why? With Reiki, healing speeds up.. Thus, I’m at the toilet now at 4.17am with a very noisy tummy, trying to exhume all the bad contents! Urrgh. Not fun. Reiki just do things right. And being a Reiki Master, the healing process is even faster & stronger..

A sleepless night for me. Or at best, a very late wake up to day time awaits me. Thank you Reiki.. Again. 