A looong night..

Just got home about an hour ago around 1.15am.
Oh what a long evening it was with my 2 best friends. Both are Aquarians; guess I’m a typical lucky Gemini to be having 2 of the same good ‘thing’. Hehe.. But trust me, we 3 can be a handful. Thank goodness when one is a firestarter, the other is calmer. I love them to teeny tiny bits by the way. πŸ™‚
Last week I was giving distant Reiki for a few sessions to one of them whom I called affectionately as ‘Fren’. She sprained her ankle quite badly.. Glad she’s had a positive Reiki experience and now back to work, albeit slightly limping.

And this week I think I’m gonna be doing lotsa Reiki for the other bestie, Elly. She didn’t sprain anything, no. Think the thing that’s hurting her most is her tired mind. I think she needs all the restful sleep & peace that she can get and hope that at where we saw her at just now is going to be the perfect retreat that her mind, body & soul needs.

Speaking of retreat, it’s now 2.25am and I gotta be up at 7am to go to work at the spa later.. Yes, work. Thank you.
Oh God, please grant peace & serenity to both my besties.. Hope they be well always. Oh yes, and grant me too! Thank you again.. Later.. πŸ™‚