Elly’s New & Improved Face..

My bestie Elly just left my house with a spring in her step, to go back to work.. She was on her couple hours break, and finally got her arse to my place for a long overdue facial. The energy exchange? She cooked for me a gorgeous tomato based chicken penne pasta and my favorite wagyu beef cube salad.. Sorry no pics; all forgotten when I chomped it all down my hungry stomach.. He he ūüôā

BTW, Elly is a chef- or according to her biz card¬†‘Gourmetrician’.. Yeah, it’s a self-coined title; which basically entails her role as Sous Chef or assistant to the Head Chef. Elly works at the gorgeous and green Dempsey Road Block 7, at this F&B joint called CM-PB¬†(Cafe Melting Pot Bar).¬†It’s a totally chilled out place which serves fantastic food; the menu covering from your local faves to Western, and portraying some of their own original creations/fusion which I find very interesting and refreshing. I’ve been there many times and I’m STILL not bored with the food! I love the wagyu beef cube salad of course, and the sinful Foie Gras Burger.. Plus it’s breakfast all day long AND where can you find in Singapore a joint that serves FREE supper handouts to all customers? Yup, they do. Free supper can be anything at all and once, I had this delicious tom yum soup whipped by Elly of course. She has worked in several swanky cool F&B joints, but I must say that CM-PB ¬†is by far my personal favorite, and hope that she will be there for longer still.. And oh, there are live performances through out the week too by several uber-cool 2-3 piece bands.. Cool, way.

Anyway, so I got to her facial. As per normal, she would dozed off and snore away big time.. But today she didn’t flinch from the extractions of whiteheads and blackheads at all.. HMMM… ¬†I’m quite surprised, although I believe she’s just too tired and has been lacking sleep too.. And believe it or not, the vain pot actually asked me to groom her legendary ‘untouchable’ eyebrows! ha ha.. I think she must have panicked when I told her that her skin is dryer now; a sign of aging. So I guess in her mind, grooming her eyebrows could somehow ‘salvage’ the aging process and update her look.. Yeah, right. She particularly liked it when I used the pair of cool Jade rollers on her face, to refresh and firm her skin, and also to lock in all the good ingredients on to the pores at the end of the facial treatment. Looking at her new & improved face, I am envious because DAMN, I did a great job on her and wished I can enjoy it too.. But I’m very happy for her of course, because I know she deserves some, if not loads of pampering. Too bad not enough time for Ear Candling¬†cos she gotta head back to work.. Next time, I promised her.¬†

I managed to inform her that I now have this blog, and I MAY sometimes write something that will include her.. You see, unlike our other bestie,¬†Fren, Elly is not savvy about reading or doing much on the Internet.. Hell, she doesn’t even know how to ‘like’ my Facebook page¬†! So I showed her this blog on her iphone and she got to read it.. ¬†After reading a few posts, again, being the vain pot that she is¬†(Aquarius Tiger)– she, get this- instructed me to write about her more! Too much, this woman.. So as you can see or read now- I am writing about her in this post. Bluaaaackkk…. ūüôā

Whatever makes you happy la, Elly… I am just happy enough that both my besties graced my house with their presence. Last night Fren came with her boyfriend Abang Saini to watch with us the live telecast of Singapore vs Malaysia, and today it’s Elly. We should get together again next week for karaoke I believe, after Iftar of course.. Wow, its Ramadhan next week! Blessed month, blessed moments for all of us.. Insyaallah.. ūüėČ

Elly and I, on her 55th birthday... (kidding)

Credits to:

Ms Suzanne White’s wonderful horoscope website.¬†

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