Life, as a pregnant freelance therapist..

Currently, as I’m typing this- I am 30 weeks + 3 days pregnant with our 1st child, a Superboy. I was nudged to do up a blog to mark my pregnancy journey, when the world and I 1st found out that I’m pregnant. But of course I’ve been procrastinating about it, and much too much enjoying every day of my pregnant life to be bothered by a blog.  But now, as the days grew closer to seeing our son finally, I’m not ashamed to admit that there’s a slight lukewarm sensation that I have at the back of my mind and guts- and I know well enough that it has a name- FEAR.

Before you think I’m chickening out, lemme just clarify that this fear is really about facing the fact that my lil prince will soon no longer be in my tummy anymore, entertained no doubt by my intestinal orchestra..(I do have an active and opened Sacral & Solar Plexus chakra, you know- hence no pregnancy constipation!)

I will miss having him inside me, giving me sooo many movements that I know at times of troubles; were of  cheering ones, cajoling me and telling me that his Mama can trudge on. And believe you me, there were some turbulence indeed!

On that note, I work freelance at a very prestigious one-of-a-kind resort spa in Singapore, and if you are a pregnant therapist working full-time in a spa, you get to lay off from doing ‘heavy duty’ treatments like massages and still be paid if you are sick (which may happen a lot when you’re preggers), and be paid fully for 4 months maternity leave when you give birth. That sounds like a good life.. Until you begin comparing maternity leave benefits with other countries like Australia and the UK- they are very very much kinder! But that’s another ranting blog subject altogether..

The scenario: I’ve been a freelance therapist since Nov 2009, left the ‘full-time employment world’ as the temptations of having freedom and liberty as a freelance was too much. And previous working experiences left me askew and disgruntled really. I am qualified in Aromatherapy, various massage modalities, facials, spa treatments, mani & pedi with almost 13 years experience and have also been training other spa therapists and also students in a massage institute. So what’s fantastic as a freelance is I get to choose my own work schedule/days/hours to pump in a week or a month. That and with the fact that I’m considered a very versatile and experienced therapist, I’m quite good on this freelance path really. I can earn as much as I can/want, work in several spas even, and yet I also get to treat my personal clients at home. I’ve set up a treatment room at home and got my lil therapy work running a couple of mths after we moved in to this 3-room flat back in Aug 2008 actually.. At home with my private clients is where I get to BE a Holistic Therapist. Its where I can offer them my alternative remedies such as Reiki, color therapy, intuitive messages and dialogue and creative visualization. At the spa, it’s all about the professional decorum, see. According to the rules, handbook and treatments by the menu. If I get any intuitive ‘messages’ from my spa clients’ bodies’, I gotta just bite my tongue and not spill. So now, I’m pregnant and and being a freelance spa therapist leaves me no choice but to accept that I’m not gonna be ‘wanted’ as much as my other non-pregger freelance colleagues.. So, I guess in a roll-I get to have more time to do this blog too!

When I’m needed, I go to work. Work duties are everything else BUT massages. Truth is, if you can’t do massages then it’s quite a handicap really, as the so many signature treatments and rituals includes a massage. But still I get get back-to-back schedules with the treatments I am still able to do. (facials, wraps, scrubs, mani & pedi) And when I’m not needed, I will be given a call/SMS to inform me that my slot for the next day will be closed. So you see, it IS still a good life too- but it doesn’t work so well if you’re expecting a concrete sum of money at payday! Yikes! Yes, there are bills to pay and debts (HUGE) to settle. So my husband is now the sole breadwinner, and he’s been doing absolutely wonderful really.. Bless him 🙂

I’ve just been too used to earning my own money, and this is the 1st time that I’m earning very little in monetary terms and yet learn a mighty lot. I learnt that you still can count on countless blessings no matter how shitty you think you are. And I’ve found that my hubby is much more of a solid rock than I thought he really is, and I’m so grateful. My family too have been kind and so giving. Even my soon to be 4yr old nephew, Irfan, who has taken an affection to his lil cousin, rubbing my tummy and saying ‘hello’ to lil “Mr Tickle” often. He has given his ‘blessings‘ too on my lil prince with so many used-but-still-good baby stuffs.. You name it- crib, car seat, lotsa shoes, clothes, carrier and pram.. Seasoned parents will know how much all that can cost! And he made it HIS mission to choose what to buy for him when he and his Mummy (my eldest sis) go to baby shops.. Now Irfan’s even mentioning his cousin as “my baby” whenever we talk of the lil one. Awwwwww……. 🙂 🙂

Like you see on the tagline of my site, “Gratitude is my secret” indeed.. I have not much to complain really-no kidding.. Apart from the minor 1st trimester upheavals, my pregnancy has been so far very enjoyable.. I AM LOVING IT.  I may miss having my wee one in me, but I sure look forward to be turned 360 degrees with a major front seat view to what a different and I know, better life it would be.. Bring it on.  But before that, I have another admission to make..I’M NOT EXEMPTED from being one of those irritating parent-to-be, gushing about their baby’s every development.. Although, I must say I am definitely LESS IRRITATING.. Haha.. Here’s a few pics of our son’s 3D images taken at 29weeks..



He's got my lips and chin! And his father's patience, I hope..

Silence & peace pleaseeee.....

2 thoughts on “Life, as a pregnant freelance therapist..

  1. hey…gua baru baca ur blog (kelakah!!!!) n saw ur little princes pic!!!
    so excited for you lah Wati!!! very very happy for you too!!!!

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